Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 07 — 11 August 2017

Agenda Item 1:                 Theme Topic –    “The Challenge of Managing Outcome Focused and Risk Based Regulations for Asia Pacific States”

Agenda Item 2:                Review of Action Items arising from the previous Conference

Agenda Item 3:                Aviation Safety and Air Navigation

Agenda Item 4:                Economic Development of Air Transport

Agenda Item 5:                Aviation and Environment

Agenda Item 6:                Technical and Regional Cooperation

Agenda Item 7:                Specific Sessions on Air Navigation Safety & Efficiency, Aviation Safety and Aviation Security & Facilitation Issues (Breakout Sessions)

Agenda Item 8:                Session on “APAC States’ Needs – Capabilities Matching Process”

Agenda Item 9:                Other Business

                                              a)      Theme Topic for the forthcoming Conference of DGCAs

                                              b)      Endorsement of Action Items arising from the Present Conference

                                              c)       Any Other Matters

Discussion and Information Papers are requested for Agenda Items 1 to 6 and 9.

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