Agenda Item 1:

Theme Topic – “The Challenge of Managing Outcome Focused and Risk Based Regulations for Asia Pacific States”

Agenda Item 2:

Review of Action Items arising from the previous Conference

Agenda Item 3:

Aviation Safety and Air Navigation

Ref. Title Presented by
Quality and Timeliness of Aeronautical Information ICAO
DGCA-54/DP/3/5  Proposed Global Strategy and Action Plan for the Improvement of Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOOS) and the Establishment of a Global System for the Provision of Safety Oversight  ICAO
DGCA-54/DP/3/7 Automation Interface between Flight Information Regions CANSO
DGCA-54/DP/3/8 Managing Interference to Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) IATA

Revision 1

Initiatives to Promote Safe and Efficient Ground Handling Operations IATA
DGCA-54/DP/3/11 Implementation of Performance Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) in Asia Pacific IATA

Revision 1

Civil Aviation Regulatory Framework and Performance Based Regulations in Air Navigation Mongolia
DGCA-54/DP/3/13 The Necessity of Collaboration among Stakeholders and Clarification of Respective Roles for the Challenge          Japan
DGCA-54/DP/3/18 Project Loon – Floating Cell Phone Towers in the Sky CANSO
DGCA-54/DP/3/23 Operational and Information Management Framework to Support Cross-Border ATFM Implementation in the Asia Pacific Region Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, CANSO and IATA

Revision 1

Recommend Asia and Pacific States Strengthen UAS Management and Inter-State Communication and Coordination China
DGCA-54/DP/3/25 Safety Management Measures China
DGCA-54/DP/3/31 Measures against Dropping Objects Japan
DGCA-54/DP/3/33 Status of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Implementation in France France
DGCA-54/DP/3/36 GAGAN – Business Case and Mandates India
DGCA-54/DP/3/37 Risk Based Approach to Managing Safety in India India
DGCA-54/DP/3/38 Similar and Confusing Call Sign India
DGCA-54/DP/3/40 Provisions of Exemption in ICAO Documents Need to be Reviewed Nepal
DGCA-54/DP/3/42 Harmonization of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Practices Singapore
DGCA-54/DP/3/44 Key Areas in Regulating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations in Urban Environment Singapore
DGCA-54/DP/3/49 Paving Way for Interoperability of Air Traffic Management System Hong Kong China
DGCA-54/DP/3/56 Flight Standards Oversight Mobile Tools China
DGCA-54/DP/3/58 Cross-Polar Route Network System the Russian Federation
DGCA-54/DP/3/59 Implementation and Efficient Management of ICAO SARPS Regarding Alternative Fire Extinguishing Agent to Halon Fire Extinguishers Republic of Korea

Revision 2

The Asia Pacific Data Collection, Analysis and Information Sharing for Aviation Safety Demonstration Project Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand,                                          AAPA, IATA, MITRE and FSF
DGCA-54/DP/3/68 Guidance Material in Regard to Primary Aviation Legislation Bangladesh

Agenda Item 4:

Economic Development of Air Transport

Agenda Item 5:

Aviation and Environment

Agenda Item 6:

Technical and Regional Cooperation

Agenda Item 7:

Specific Sessions on Air Navigation Safety & Efficiency, Aviation Safety and Aviation Security & Facilitation Issues

Agenda Item 8:

Session on “APAC States’ Needs – Capabilities Matching Process”

Agenda Item 9:

Other business:

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