For centuries, the hospitable culture of the nomadic Mongolians – people that have left distinct marks in the history of the world – has been recorded in travel almanac by many, including numerous famous historians and explorers such as Marco Polo, John Carpini. Today the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, a major cultural, economic and intellectual center of Mongolia, with the inherited age-old traditions of hospitality and generosity. The city of Ulaanbaatar is rapidly developing to be the center of infrastructure, economy and culture in the Central Asian region.

We consider that the offered chance to Mongolia to host the 54th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation, is the unique opportunity to contribute our share to the development of the aviation industry of Asia and Pacific Region.

We extend our invitation to each of you to attend the 54th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation, Asia and Pacific Region to be hosted by Mongolia. I would like to assure that forthcoming conference would serve as one of the pivotal steps towards the co-determined, co-operated and coordinated development of Asian aviation community.

Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia

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