Agenda Item 1:

Theme Topic – “The Challenge of Managing Outcome Focused and Risk Based Regulations for Asia Pacific States”

Agenda Item 2:

Review of Action Items arising from the previous Conference

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DGCA-54/IP/2/2 Indonesia KNKT Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Training Capabilities Indonesia
Revision 1
Review of Actions Taken by Viet Nam Viet Nam

Agenda Item 3:

Aviation Safety and Air Navigation

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DGCA-54/IP/3/1 The Twenty-Second Meeting of the Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group (RASMAG/22) Outcomes ICAO
DGCA-54/IP/3/3 Enhancing Safety and Expanding Capacity: Implementation of ADS-B Out in the United States USA
DGCA-54/IP/3/4 Standard Risk-Based Principles for Validation of Civil Aeronautical Products USA
DGCA-54/IP/3/6 CANSO Efforts in Airport Collaborative Decision Making CANSO
DGCA-54/IP/3/10 IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) IATA
DGCA-54/IP/3/14 Runway Safety: A Shared Responsibility IFALPA
DGCA-54/IP/3/15 Aviation Sector Development and Its Future Plan in Bangladesh Bangladesh
DGCA-54/IP/3/16 Bangladesh’s Preparation for the ICAO Validation Mission Bangladesh
DGCA-54/IP/3/17 The Air Navigation Services in Pyongyang FIR/DPR Korea DPRK
DGCA-54/IP/3/19 China Civil Aviation’s Experimentation and Reform on the Establishment of Operational Risk Control System in Transport Airlines China
DGCA-54/IP/3/26 Development of the Asian Aviation Meteorological Centre China
DGCA-54/IP/3/27 Development of Remotely Aerodrome Flight Information Services Procedures within Indonesia Airspace Indonesia
DGCA-54/IP/3/28 ADS-B Implementation Status in Indonesia and Data Sharing between Indonesia, Australia and Singapore Indonesia
DGCA-54/IP/3/29 Indonesia Civil Military Cooperation Indonesia
DGCA-54/IP/3/30 Indonesia Modernization Air Navigation Facility Indonesia
DGCA-54/IP/3/32 Management of Small Drones Operations France
DGCA-54/IP/3/34 Implementation Plan of ADS-B in French Polynesia France
DGCA-54/IP/3/35 Civil Military Cooperation and Flexible Use of Airspace in India India
DGCA-54/IP/3/39 Central Air Traffic Flow Management Implementation in India India
DGCA-54/IP/3/43 Enhancing Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) in Managing Loss of Control – In-Flight (LOC-I) Incidents Singapore
DGCA-54/IP/3/45 Pakistan’s Efforts to Enhance the Safety and Efficiency of Air Navigation System to Support Regional Air Traffic Flow Pakistan
DGCA-54/IP/3/46 Implementation of Safety Management Initiatives in Hong Kong, China Hong Kong China
DGCA-54/IP/3/47 Air Traffic Growth in Asia-Pacific and the Role of Air Traffic Flow Management Hong Kong China
DGCA-54/IP/3/50 Transition from Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) to Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) in Hong Kong, China Hong Kong China
DGCA-54/IP/3/51 A-CDM Development in Hong Kong, China Hong Kong China
DGCA-54/IP/3/52 Establishment of an Independent Accident Investigation Authority in Hong Kong, China Hong Kong China
DGCA-54/IP/3/53 Hong Kong Aviation Training Academy Hong Kong China
DGCA-54/IP/3/54 XMAN : Cross Border Extended Arrival Management France
DGCA-54/IP/3/55 Best Practices of Change Management in Aviation France
DGCA-54/IP/3/57 Airspace Reorganisation in the Pacific Kiribati
DGCA-54/IP/3/61 Promoting Safety Culture with Safety Reporting System Republic of Korea
DGCA-54/IP/3/62 Korean SBAS (KASS) Implementation Status in Republic of Korea Republic of Korea
DGCA-54/IP/3/64 Civil/Military Cooperation in Thailand Thailand
DGCA-54/IP/3/65 Thailand PBN Implementation Thailand
DGCA-54/IP/3/66 Thailand’s Regional Airports Capacity Enhancement Thailand
DGCA-54/IP/3/67 Enhanced Safety Oversight in Thailand Thailand

Agenda Item 4:

Economic Development of Air Transport

Agenda Item 5:

Aviation and Environment

Agenda Item 6:

Technical and Regional Cooperation

Agenda Item 7:

Specific Sessions on Air Navigation Safety & Efficiency, Aviation Safety and Aviation Security & Facilitation Issues

Agenda Item 8:

Session on “APAC States’ Needs – Capabilities Matching Process”

Agenda Item 9:

Other Business:

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