Welcome to the 54th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation Asia & Pacific Region

I have the honor to inform you that the 54th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation, Asia and Pacific Regions (“the 54th DGCA Conference”) will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from 07 to 11 August 2017. On behalf of the Government of Mongolia, it is my pleasure to cordially invite you and your delegation to this Conference. Mongolia is honored to have this great opportunity to host this event.

The Theme Topic for the 54th DGCA Conference is:

“The Challenge of Managing Outcome Focused and Risk Based Regulations for Asia Pacific States”

Asia Pacific is a unique region in terms of cultural diversity and socio-economic development with the largest aviation market in the world. Considering the ever-changing global socio-economics and aviation development, a new approach is required to address safety priorities of States through introduction of risk based regulations. While coping with the rapid aviation development and challenges faced in implementation of ICAO SARPs, States need to cooperate and collaborate more closely.

Risk based regulations provide flexibility to the regulators with focus on achieving desired safety performance, breaking down the internal barriers to achieve ICAO’s regional and global priorities and targets in line with the Global Aviation Safety Plan. It will enable States to identify safety issues and allocate the limited resources to address the prioritised safety issues in the most effective manner. Therefore, States are encouraged to deliberate interactively at DGCA Conf/54 including sharing of experience and developing novel concepts and ideas to address the evolving challenges associated with use of risk based regulation.

To facilitate in the preparation for the Conference, I would request you to kindly take a note of the following administrative arrangements:

1. Submission of Conference papers

For presentation of Discussion Papers (DPs)/Information Papers (IPs) for the Conference, please take into consideration the Conference Theme and the Provisional Agenda. The electronic copy of the paper(s) should be sent to ICAO APAC Office by email to apac@icao.int with a copy to the Conference Secretariat (i.e. CAA Mongolia) at secretariat@dgca54.mn, preferably by 21st July 2017, the deadline for submission of papers.

2. Conference website

A Conference website has been setup with the following internet address: www.dgca54.mn. All papers will be posted on the Conference website prior to the Conference.

3. Conference registration and hotel information

States/Administrations are requested to send their list of delegation to the ICAO APAC Office by email to apac@icao.int with a copy to registration@dgca54.mn prior to any individual registration. The Conference Registration Form is available at the Conference website. It is recommended that you make your Conference registration online preferably before 28th July 2017.

Conference delegates are entitled to discounts at the recommended hotels. Hotel Registration Forms are available online at the Conference website starting from 10th April 2017. The last date for the online hotel bookings is 21st July 2017. Any enquires regarding registration or reservation can also be addressed to registration@dgca54.mn. If you have any further question always feel free to contact the host administration at e-mail: secretariat@dgca54.mn; phone: +976-11-282236, +976-11-282247, +976-11-282209; +976-11-282152, fax: +976-70049640. Delegates may book their hotel rooms through hotel website directly or through hotel agency website as provided.

We look forward to hosting this important Conference and welcoming our DGCA colleagues to the Conference in August 2017. A separate programme for the accompanying persons will be designed and made available at the Conference website.

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