Tour 1 (2017.08.07)

Tour of Ulaanbaatar city

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia. With a population of around 1.3 million, it is the largest city in Mongolia, standing as its political, commercial, industrial and cultural hub. For business and pleasure trips alike, you will nd yourself coming to the city at least once. Knowing and exploring the city properly can help you understand the country’ history and its wonderful people. One will often see the past and the present are still living side by side.

10:00          Transfer to the Gandan Monastery from your hotel. Visit

Janraisag temple including private monk chanting.

11:00           Tour National History Museum.

12.00           Visit with a shaman.

13:00            Lunch at Silk road/Nomads restaurant

14:00            Tour Gobi Cashmere factory

16.00            Torgo fashion show

17:15             Return to hotel.

Tour 2 (2017.08.08)

Trip to Terelj National Park

Terelj was founded as a park in 1994 and is located on the edge of Khan Khentii mountain range. Terelj is the name of a plant (Latin ledum), very abundant in the area, which owers at the end of the spring. Edelweiss is also very common here. The forests are full of birch, cedar, pine, willow, larch and aspen as well as foxes, wolves and squirrels. The alpine scenery and fantastic rock of Terelj National Park formed the homelands of Genghis Khan and his hordes. The rock formations of the park are fascinating, while the 250 plus bird species make it an enchanting place to relax. Some of the rock resembles the long spiky bodies of prehistoric animals.

10:00          Drive to Terelj, the Gorkhi National Park

11:00          On the way we visit a Kazakh family in Nalaikh village.

12.30          Lunch at Alungoo lodge

13:00          Excursion to the famous Turtle Rock and Ariyabala

meditation temple

14:30          Visit to a local nomad family, enjoy tasting and

experiencing national dairy products, such as

airag-fermented mare’s milk, tarag-yoghurt,

cheese and curds. (Additional offer: Horse

riding can be arranged on request)

15:30          Drive back to Ulaanbaatar

Tour 3 (2017.08.10)

Buddhist Tour

In 1578 Altan Khan, a Mongol nobleman and military leader with ambitions to unite the Mongols and to emulate the career of Chinggis, invited the head of the rising Yellow Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Since then Yellow Sect Buddhism spread throughout Mongolia. Tibetan styled monasteries were built across Mongolia, often sited at the juncture of trade and migration routes or at summer pastures. Traditionally, monasteries were centers both of learning and of power. In the prerevolutionary period, Mongolia was ruled by a series of Living Buddhas called Javzandamba. It is estimated Mongolia had 100 000 monks in 1921; one third of the male population. In the 1930s, this intellectual power became the focus of a ruthless series of purges. Today, Mongolia is once again embracing its Buddhist heritage. Monasteries are being restored and are once again crowded with worshippers.

08:00          Pick up from hotel and drive to Aglag Temple

09:30          Arrival at Garuda mountain

10:00          Tour Aglag Temple 11:30 Explore around the temple

including Turtle Rock, Tree of Life Gate and sh and

fertility rocks

12.30          Drive to Gobi Resort

13.30          Enjoy lunch at the resort. Archery is available, free of

charge *Enjoy watching traditional folklore performance

while having lunch *Souvenir shop is open for shopping

*Horse riding service is available

15:30          Drive back to Ulaanbaatar city 17:00 Arrive at hotel

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