Known as “the land of blue sky”, Mongolia is a very sunny country and has regularly about 260 sunny days a year.  Mongolia’s weather can be described has highly continental dominated climate with warm summers and long, dry and freezing winters.

  • Average spring temperature: +0C (+32F)
  • Average summer temperature: +20C (+65F)
  • Average autumn temperature: +8C (+46.4F)
  • Average winter temperature: -24C (-13F)
  • Average precipitation: 25.4 cm



In Ulaanbaatar, there are official and unofficial taxis. The official ones are noticeably labeled on the exterior and inside may or may not have a meter. The unofficial taxis are simply locals trawling for passengers. Taxi fare is MNT 800 per km (45 cents). Drivers know the major landmarks, and they can understand basic English. The fare for locations in and around downtown should be about 3,000 to 5,000 MNT ($2-4).



Buses in UB are crowded with commuters during rush hours. The charge is very cheap but you need a U-money that can be used to pay public transit fares in the Ulaanbaatar city. The card sells for MNT 2000 and can be purchased in nearly all bus stations. Buses are old and non-air-conditioned. They would be a good way to get around, but the drivers do not speak English, and unfortunately all the numbers and destinations on the buses are written in Mongolian Cyrillic.


Shangri-La mall

The Shangri-La Mall is located right next to the conference venue, provides wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment. It delivers a relaxed yet world-class shopping experience that will satisfy all your shopping aspirations. On top of that, the mall offers a variety of fine dining establishments as well as a food court with international cuisines. Featuring an IMAX cinema and children’s playground, it is a place where each member of family can enjoy amidst a perfect mix of high-end labels, fast fashion brands and diverse entertainment options all under one roof.


State Department store

Known as ikh delguur (big shop), this is virtually a tourist attraction in itself, with the best products from around the city squeezed into one building.

The 1st floor has a foreign-exchange counter, earrings, necklace and a supermarket. The 2nd and 3rd floors have outlets for clothing, high quality cashmere and leather goods. The 4th floor has a children’s section. The 5th floor has electronics. The 6th floor has a food court, bookstore and a large room containing souvenirs, antique, traditional clothing, maps and books about Mongolia.

It lies only 2 km from central point of Ulaanbaatar- the Sukhbaatar square, 3.5 km – Shangri-La Hotel, 3km – The Parliament House

department store


The tögrög or tugrik (MNT) is the official currency of Mongolia.  $1 equals to around 2390 tugrik (updated on June 20, 2017

Payments when paying out large sums of money (to hotels, tour operators and sometimes airlines), it’s fine to use either US dollars or tugrik; the merchant will act as a moneychanger, though the rate will not generally be very good. Other forms of currency aren’t usually accepted, although the euro is probably the next best. Cash offers the best exchange rates and you won’t be paying any commission charge, but for security purposes you can also use debit cards.

SOS Medica Mongolia


Emergency numbers (English):







Sim Card Packages for Tourist or Businessman/Businesswoman

Sim Card Packages for Tourists

PricesUSD 20USD 35
USD 40
Service term 90 days /in accordance with prepaid service terms/
Data included600MB /15 days/1.1GB /30 days/5GB /30 days/
Units included5000 units10'000 units15'000 units
Please contact to Air Transport Division, CAAM

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